IBM and the LISA Partner to Deliver Open-Source Enterprise-Level Translation Tools

IBM is to partner with LISA, Welocalize, Cisco, and
Linux Solution Group E.V. (LiSoG) with the view to design and create an
open source project that provides a full-featured, enterprise-level
translation workbench environment for professional translators.
A 2009 European Union study shows that the language industry’s annual
compounded growth rate was estimated at 10% minimum over the next few
years, resulting in approximate value of 16.5 billion to 20 billion in
2015. LISA’s stated mission is to develop technical open standards for
the globalization process to facilitate international business.
Along with LISA’s stated mission on localization industry standards, this
initiative provides LISA the opportunity to reinvigorate existing
localization standards with an open reference implementation.

“There is a recognized and growing need for standards in the localization
industry. Freelance translators are the backbone of the localization
industry. These translators have longed for free and robust translation
tools to increase their productivity. Our hope is that by providing
OpenTM2 for free we can enlist the aid of this army of dedicated users
to bring OpenTM2 even closer to the TMX standard.”
Bill Sullivan, IBM Globalization Executive

With OpenTM2, LISA expects this open initiative to revolutionize the ecosystem and
bring real business values to both the service providers and consumers.

“It is very encouraging to see open standards being pushed to the forefront of the
globalization business. An end-to-end localization technology solution
will help level the playing field by providing an easier and less costly
means for customers to increase their translation volumes.”
Arle Lommel, LISA’s Head of Open Standards Activities

OpenTM2, based on the open-source version of IBM Translation Manager 2,
offers the first full-featured, enterprise-level translation workbench environment
in the open-source world that allows translators to produce high quality translation
in a cost-effective manner. With consistency in tooling and exchange standards in an
open environment, translators are no longer limited to the choice of expensive
proprietary software with very limited interoperability with other commercial tooling.



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