Interpreter Achievements

These days the accomplishments of telephone interpreters are amazing. People who interpret in person can rely on visual input to highlight the meaning of what’s being said unlike their fellow telephonic interpreters.  When there is silence, they don’t know if the person they can’t see is trying to portray a message through body language.  If two voices are similar, they won’t know whose talking and they can’t use a hand gesture to signal a client to slow down.

Professional telephonic interpreters are meeting their challenges in many ways.  They take time to make sure their workspace is free of distractions and full of reference materials they will need.  They ensure that they have the proper equipment and use all the non-visual tricks at their disposal, including a quick and effective system for taking notes.

As a telephonic interpreter, your voice is all you have. An interpreter who arrives in person to an assignment can show professionalism through various ways i.e. by arriving early, dressing professionally. None of this is possible for a telephonic interpreter.   telephonic interpreters must use their voice to convey confidence and professionalism.

With everything there are pros and cons but just remember the next time you pick up the phone the competent, professional interpreter is hanging on to your every word.