Welcome to the Oliver Grange Services BLOG

Oliver Grange have introduced this feature on our site to help you to get to know us better. We would like to keep you regularly updated with what we do, and provide information on market news, updates and other topics of interest.

Over the past few months we have introduced an updated project management framework for our staff, to help maintain and improve our quality levels and deliver under a one service approach.  This new methodology will be implemented throughout 2010 and beyond, and will help to maintain consistency throughout the Oliver Grange product life cycle. Oliver Grange would like to thank all clients that have provided constructive and positive input into this new process and we hope to continue working with you in the future.

Oliver Grange is also going through an upgrade of our Customer Relation Management (CRM) system. This will aid in improved customer service helping us to personalise relationships with clients helping us to treat each client as an individual and not as a group. This way, every Oliver Grange employee can be better informed about each client’s specific needs.

This improved customer service, through improved responsiveness and understanding will help Oliver Grange maintain client loyalty. It will also help Oliver Grange in getting continuous feedback from clients, on the product/s they have requested.

As ever, if you have any questions at all we would be happy to hear from you, so feel free to contact us and remember to keep up with our news.